Water Filtration Devices and Air Purifier

High Quality Devices for Private Households, Offices, Medical Facilities, Gastronomy and Industry

Reverse Osmosis Filtering Devices

Environmentally friendly form of water purification

Drinking water filtering devices.

No more germs, medical residuals, heavy metals and pollution in water from tap.

Daily news in your country show that water from tap is not as well as we need it. Germs, bacteria, viruses, nitrate, chemistry, residuals of drugs and many other toxic remains enter the circulation of drinking water supply.


More and more people take care about their water supply with fresh, clear, purest water without any pollution.

High quality water will result in a high quality life.


Your benefits: Health and wellbeing

Purest drinking water without germs and pollution

Healthy supply of drinking water

Ideally suited for babys/children

Purest water for families and employees

Drinking water free of residuals

Care and protection for decades

Don't need to buy bottled water anymore Kein Flaschenwasser more kaufen

Removing pollutions from water

Germs, bacteria and viruses (e coli, legionella...)

Industrial chemicals, nitrates, pesticides

Pharmaceutical residues, antibiotics, hormones

Aluminium, Lead, Mercury and other heavy metals

Chlorine, lime, impurities, contaminations

radioactive components* remove radioactive  components

... and many others


Drinking water filter 💧 Home Mobile Commercial Made in Germany

Drinking water filter 💧 Home Mobile Commercial Made in Germany
Through thorough filtration at the molecular level, BestElements reverse osmosis filter devices remove impurities such as germs, bacteria and viruses, drug and drug residues, antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, lime and much more from the tap water. Reverse osmosis technology is even able to remove radioactive components... [more]

Mobile 💦 Hydrogen booster

Mobile Hydrogen booster
Hydrogen generators add gaseous hydrogen to the drinking water. It gets into our cells and is necessary as an energy donor for our energy metabolism in the body. Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a natural protective shield and, as a particularly effective antioxidant, offers protection against ROS / free radicals in our body... [more]

Purest water filter devices for home houshold and mobile

Reverse osmosis drinking water filter devices. Made in Germany. Directflow technology without Tank.

Reverse osmosis filter for home and mobile

Purest water filter devices for the industry

Our focus for industrial filter devices is mainly in custom builds. One of our industrial basic filter devices is the unit EU1000. With this basic device we can ensure to meet your special requirements. This device is suitable for a euro pallet and ensures 1,000 l/hour purest water per unit. Several devices can be operated together.

Reverse osmosis filter for industry

Drinking water filters for cars ships campers

In the mobile sector, drinking water filter systems are becoming more and more important. The automotive industry is looking for solutions to make the purest drinking water available on the road. In the area of motorhomes and caravanning, relaiable drinking water filter devices are a must have to have purest drinking water independently.

Reverse osmosis filter for cars ships caravans



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